Property Management in Schools

Schools have specific needs when it comes to property maintenance. Often in the school, the custodial staff is the front lines for noticing problems with any of the facilities. The staff is paid to maintain the building, but that does not mean that property management is not needed. The custodial staff is mainly charged with keeping the school clean. They are there to document any problems with the plumbing, and the issue is then reported to the property management. The management is then responsible for calling a plumber to come out and fix problems such as a leak in the tap or a toilet that needs to be snaked.

When schools are busy, the custodial staff might be overwhelmed. If it is an understaffed school due to lack of funding, the property management needs to be especially vigilant. Being aware that this might be a problem is the first line of defense. The property management might want to stage its own walk-through of the property to ensure everything is running smoothly. They might also arrange a weekly call with the custodial staff that is on site in order that building issues can be discussed. This might help to keep the lines of communication open.


¬†Also, teachers are excellent at helping to report problems, they are just underutilized in this process. The property management should arrange a meeting with all the staff where they give out forms that the staff can fill out if a student reports an issue or if they notice anything. There can be a drop box in the teachers’ lounge or the main office that the teachers can put these forms. While teachers are notorious for being the type of professionals to actually fill out forms, they could also be given the line for property management so that they can call themselves and leave a message. In this age of technology, it would be a shame not to make use of work cell phones so that building issues get addressed more readily. Whereas as forms can be lost, an organized property management team will be on top of the problem and know how to prioritize it in the order of concerns.


A well functioning and well-maintained property is everyone’s concern. No one likes to be going to work in a trashy facility where they feel unsafe. Children deserve a clean learning environment that is free from hazards. When the property is well maintained, the school’s morale is generally higher. People can get used to grungy facilities, but no one actually wants to be there when it doesn’t look safe.


The property management for schools are charged with a somewhat difficult job in that these places are over run with children and teens who might not have a sense of pride of ownership. However, teachers can help with this by instilling in their students a sense of good stewardship and a reward for taking this seriously. Property managers are lucky to partner with schools because these places are brimming with professionals that are just waiting to find a learning opportunity for their pupils. If property management can help professionals at the school focus on school pride, then the entire community there benefits